Nav elements are added to the templates, but are created via the backend.

Go to /admin/page_cms/nav/ to create a nav element. 

For example if you create a nav called Main Nav to render the nav on the page you would call the element nav.main_nav.

In our default template we add the nav to the index. But you might want to move it into a content block, and reference it...

<ul>  {% for link in navs.main_nav.links %}  <li>    <a href="{{}}">{{link}}</a>    {% if link.sub_nav %}      <ul>      {% for sub_link in link.sub_nav.links %}        <li>          <a href="{{}}">{{sub_link}}</a>        </li>      {% endfor %}      </ul>    {% endif %}  </li>  {% endfor %}</ul>


Is a variable available on every page, it is a dictionary of all navs. To access the navs select the link as a slug.


Once selected a nav object, for example navs.main_nav or link.sub_link, the method links retrieves the list for the selected nav.


Retrieves the url for the nav object.