Ordering element

All you have to do is add the page_cms/container_ui.html to a looping element.

{% include "page_cms/container_ui.html" %}

You can also choose directly the order by adding the advance version

{% include "page_cms/container_ui_advance.html" %}

Drag and Drop

To add drag and drop functionality to containers we two classes,


The container class must be the direct parent of the element.

With in the element you must have the include for container_ui.html

{% include "page_cms/container_ui.html" %}or just add<span class="remove_container" data-hide="true" data-container="{{the page id}}"></span> 

A full example would look like this,

<div  data-slug="first_container"  data-type="container"  class="pc_dd_container"  >  {% for container in first_container.containers %}{% with container.data as data %}    <div class="pc_dd_element" id="first_container{{data.conatiner.pk}}">      Your looping content in here...      {% include "page_cms/container_ui.html" %}    </div>  {% endwith %}{% endfor %}</div>